Electronic Cigarettes Are A Safe Product

Smoking is a very dangerous habit that may eventually lead to death. Almost all the smokers realize this at some point in their lives and try and make a conscious effort to quit. But they find it very difficult to do so, because there is nothing out there that will induce them to quit. Until very recently.

The introduction of the electronic cigarette a few years ago, has allowed millions of people who could not quit smoking, give up. This is because the product looks, feels and behaves like a cigarette, without the harmful effects.

An electronic cigarette does not contain any of the 4000 or so harmful toxins or carcinogens that are normally found in tobacco cigarettes. The smoker inhales a water vapor containing the required level of nicotine.

There is no harmful second hand smoke emitted - just a harmless water vapor. This is good news for those who stand in close proximity to the smoker, as their health will not be compromised by the electronic cigarette.

Normal cigarettes use paper which means that entire forests have to be demolished to cater for the habits of these people. This together with the disposal of the cigarette butt makes the tobacco cigarette an environment hazard. The electronic cigarette on the other hand does not require any forest degradation, nor does it pollute the environment with its ash and its butts.

The world is slowly realizing the benefits of an electronic cigarette. It has helped millions to quit and is not harmful to the environment.

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