How Electronic Cigarettes Have Become So Popular

The main reason why electronic cigarettes(or e-cigs) have become so popular is because they actually stop you from smoking. From all the quit smoking methods available on the market today, using electronic cigarettes is the easiest way for current tobacco smokers who want to give up this nasty habit. Those who switch to electronic cigarettes get a lot of benefits.

By switching to electronic cigarettes, you  are not exposed to the 4,000 or so harmful toxins and carcinogens that are present in normal tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, the chances of lung cancer are very minimal. There is also no tar accumulating in your lungs.

By using e-cigs you can be assured that you will save over 75% of what you would normally spend on tobacco cigarettes. This is a very important benefit in today's lean economic times, where every penny saved is a penny earned. 

A major concern about cigarette smokers is the second hand smoke that they emit. Electronic cigarettes do not emit any second hand smoke - only a harmless water vapor that doesn't even smell. This is why they can smoke anywhere : in bars, restaurants, airports and even in some hospitals! Imagine doing that with a tobacco cigarette today.

Another very useful benefit of the electronic cigarette is that there is no risk of fire. The tip of the cigarette glows when you inhale. This is the only visible sign that you are smoking an e-cig. Because there is no burning, then there is no annoying ash and none of that nasty smell associated with tobacco cigarettes.

The e-cig does not harm the environment the same way the tobacco cigarette does. Trees are not used to produce paper, and there are cigarette butts produced. There is also no harmful smoke emitted into the atmosphere.

There is no wonder that the electronic cigarette has become so popular over the past few years. It is slowly becoming the number 1 smoking cessation device, as more and more people are discovering its benefits and advantages.