Tips For Electronic Cigarettes

  • To get the optimal performance from your e-cigarette, always make sure that the battery is always fully charged. Keeping the batteries charged will allow more vapor to be inhaled and exhaled, and generally improve the overall performance.

  • If you want more vapor, then take slower and longer drags.

  • If you notice that the vapor is fading away, replace the refill cartridge.  Some smokers can go through 2-3 refill cartridges in a day.

  • Make sure that the battery, atomizer and refill cartridge are properly tightened, but not over tightened, as over tightening can cause damage to the unit.

  • If you find that the battery is fully charged and you are not getting enough vapor discharge, then turn the refill cartridge a half turn causing a better connection between the atomizing screen and the liquid fiber inside the cartridge.

  • Make sure you don’t drop or bang your e-cigarette. The e-cigarette contains some highly sensitive circuitry that could be damaged.

  • Avoid keeping the cartridges in a very hot or very cold area. In the extreme heat condition, there is a chance that the liquid in the refill cartridge could evaporate, and in the extreme cold, it could freeze. This would ruin the performance of your e-cigarette.