What are the electronic cigarette scams?

As more individuals are moving over to electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are sometimes known as, there is a scam which is impacting a large number of those who are obtaining e-cigs on the internet.  But there is a method in which this can be prevented.

In the event you are one of the a large number of smokers converting to e cigarettes from regular cigarettes, there exists a good chance you will purchase the starter kit on the net. You will find lots of suppliers who are promoting different brands of e-cigs on the internet. Some of these vendors have knowingly swindled innocent victims of hundreds of dollars by making offers that appear too good to be true.

For anyone who is interested in buying an electronic cigarette starter kit, or disposable electronic cigarettes, avoid the brand names or vendors that offer free trials. To acquire a free trial you have to submit your credit card information, and if you get an unprincipled supplier, you will be running into a number of very high charges for things which you have not ordered.

In case you are thinking about finding a particular manufacturer that is offering a free trial, be sure you speak to a customer service representative online. The more established as well as secure brands should have a 24 hour on line customer support hot line that can be used to ask questions.

Only purchase from a company that is well-known. This sort of information and facts can be acquired from the different electronic cigarette discussion boards. Make time to seek information on the different brand names - prices, money back guarantees, period of warranty, how professional the website looks etc.

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