Frequently Asked Questions

It is really safe?

It is certainly safe. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it does not contain tobacco nor tar and so it doesn’t produce CO and other carcinogenic chemicals. The Electronic Cigarette’s cartridge is composed of mainly water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavor to mimic the essence of tobacco. It has undergone testing and proven that it is free of any harmful or toxic agents. Our E-Cigarette is CE and ROHS certified that guarantees quality and standard.

What is a cartridge?

A cartridge looks like the filter of a traditional cigarette. It is the mouthpiece of the E-Cigarette as well as the container that holds the water, nicotine and propylene glycol mixture. Cartridges are generally like Tobacco (Marlboro-like) and Menthol flavor having medium nicotine (11mg) strength.

How long does each cartridge last?

Depending on usage and intensity of inhalation, a cartridge can be equivalent to 10-15 sticks of real cigarette.

How do I know that the cartridge already needs replacing?

When the vapor or smoke that is being produced by the device has significantly reduced, it means you need to replace the nicotine cartridge.

Do I need a lighter when using E-Cigarette?

Since it is an electronic device, you need not use a lighter or flame. You simply charge the battery, insert the cartridge and puff.

How do I turn it on?

It doesn’t have an ON or OFF switch. The sensor turns it on when you begin inhaling through, when you’re done, just place it on your holder or pocket and it automatically turns off.

How long does a fully charged battery last?

With usual usage, it can last for a day. Remember to charge your E-Cigarette at least 5 hours on the first time of use and 2-4 hours thereafter.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, our E-Cigarette comes with a 6 months limited manufacturer’s warranty. It covers against any malfunction or defects, however, it doesn’t cover physical damage, misuse of the product and the normal wear and tear.

It is possible to get nicotine-poisoning in using Electronic Cigarettes?

It’s not possible because each device has a built in auto-shutdown feature that is activated when you puff several times in very short period of time or if you inhale it too long.

How can I buy the Electronic Cigarette?

Your may order on our website. We offer the lowest price yet high standard product. We ship in most countries via our official courier, Xend Express. For Philippine customers, you may visit our store in Auro-Vir Plaza situated in Makati City. Payments can also be via bank deposit or bank wire.

How does it produce the smoke and what is it exactly?

The smoke that is created by the E-Cigarette is the result of the vaporization of the diluted mixture in the cartridge by means of heat. It is water vapour that vanishes into thin air in mere seconds and is totally harmless. It doesn’t leave any bad odor nor offend people around you.

What does it smell like? It is the same as a regular cigarette?

Definitely not. As stated before, it does not leave that foul odor a real cigarette does. The smell does not cling to your clothing nor irritate anyone around you. The smell of the vapor is just like a mild essence of tobacco that disappears in seconds.

Does it have a taste?

Yes, it tastes like a real tobacco cigarette, only, it feels much smoother and pleasing since it is devoid of those harmful compounds that not only pollutes the air but also compromises your health. Currently we only offer Tobacco and Menthol flavor and avoid selling those fancy fruity flavors since it may lead interest to minors or even young teens.

Can I smoke the E-Cigarette anywhere?

Definitely! Since it doesn’t contain tobacco and doesn’t use flame, it falls outside the regulation of what the law includes, therefore, it is legal to use even on public places. Though you may want to explain to the people who will notice it that it is a healthy alternative and the smoke being released is just harmless water vapor.

What does it mean when the LED flashes?

It means battery is low and you need to recharge it.

Can anyone use this device?

No. We strongly do not recommend it to minors since it contains nicotine which can be addictive. It is also not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Why do you think people should convert to E-Cigarette?

Because the importance of one’s health should be of paramount concern. The negative impacts of smoking cannot be denied. Electronic Cigarettes truly are the future of a healthy smoking. People should use it because it is not any different than an ordinary cigarette, it is much more! Smokers who will use the E-Cigarette will achieve the same emotional and physical feeling, not to mention the nicotine satisfaction the same way they get it from a traditional cigarette. There are numerous advantages it brings like the liberty to smoke anywhere, freedom from odor and offensive carbon monoxide and prevention of lung cancer to name a few.

Is Electronic Cigarette really cheaper than an ordinary cigarette?

Yes. You only need to invest on a starter kit which costs $39, the cheapest price around, and you can start saving by as much as 80% since price per cartridge is as low as 60 cents and is equivalent to 15-20 sticks of ordinary cigarettes. Since the average price of cigarettes in the US is at $4 to $6, the savings you can get from E-Cigarettes are really massive. Compute and see for yourself.