Smoking Bans and Their Impacts - A Reason for Using the Njoy Electronic Cigarette

When it comes to smoking bans, we automatically envision the family friendly resorts where smoking is prohibited onsite.  In most cases, it was the restaurant owners' decision to ban smoking to make their establishment more healthy and family-friendly.  With that, smoking bans have changed over the past few years.  Smoking bans aren't just personal preferences set forth by business owners anymore.  In many countries and states, they are now the law.  What impact does this have?

As previously stated, smoking bans have evolved over the years.  Many companies are taking it into their hands to improve the health of workers and customers.  It is common for hospitals to require all employees and visitors to smoke within 200 yards from the hospital entrance or the property line.  Many governments have imposed smoking bans in all bars and restaurants.  Some have even taken it further and imposed smoking bans in all public places.  In some countries and states, it seems impossible to be able to smoke anywhere expect for in your home or in your car.

Smoking Bans and Smokers:  The Impact

A smoking ban isn't life or death for a smoker.  In fact, that is why many businesses and lawmakers claim to impose smoking bans; because they are trying to save lives.  From the standpoint of a smoker, smoking bans are a major inconvenience.  They may mean that a smoker has to wait to enjoy their next cigarette or go for a walk to smoke.  Although more of a major inconvenience than anything else, many smokers are upset with and have protested smoking bans.  They claim it is their decision to smoke, as well as when and where they want.

Smoking Bans and Non-Smokers:  The Impact

A good percentage of non-smokers have welcomed smoking bans with open arms.  Although the majority of smokers are respectable of others, not all are.  Most of us have tried walking into a store, only to be met with cigarette smoke from a smoker standing nearby.  These individuals believe that they made the choice not to smoke and they shouldn‚Äôt be exposed to dangerous secondhand smoke unless it is by choice.

Smoking Bans and Business Owners:  The Impact

The majority of business owners have no thoughts on smoking bans; however, there are others who have a vested interest.  Smoking bans that were imposed in bars were often met with strong resistance from bar owners.  They felt that the bans would cause them to lose business and it did for many, as some smokers just decided to enjoy their beer and njoy electronic cigarette at home.  Many larger companies and organizations have imposed their own smoking bans, for example hospitals.  They do this believing it will lower the cost of healthcare for workers in the long-run.  The healthcare costs associated with smoking are expensive and they hope that a smoking ban will encourage many employees to quit.

As you can see, a simple smoking ban has a big impact on many different people.  What impact does a ban on smoking have on you?